Thursday, 31 March 2016

Coconut Shell Crafts

In India majority of the people know the benefits of coconut and its water. Mainly in Kerala, they use coconut very much in their daily food recipes. We can make many crafts items with coconut shell with little patience and time. Today I am going to show you how to make coconut shell into a beautiful show piece or coconut shell craft item.

Coconut Shell Crafts
Things Required:
Coconut Shell
Metallic Acrylic Paints
Color Paper
Kundans or Chumkees
Glitter Glue

Take half the coconut shell and clean it with sand paper or rub it on the rough surface to make it smoother. Make sure to have round shape shell and glue the water can lid for base of the shell. Then paint it with metallic acrylic paints to give beautiful and shining look. Let it dry for one full day.
Coconut Shell Crafts

Next take the color paper and cut it into equal pieces. Using each slit make a nice roll and shape it like a flower. Now glue these flowers one by one to the base of the coconut shell. When you paint the shell do it on both in and out sides. On the border decorate it with kundans or chumkees and draw some designs on top of the shell with glitter glue.

Now place some sand or rice in the coconut shell craft and fix flowers in it. Here is a beautiful coconut shell craft ready. I hope you like it. Share your suggestions and comments

Monday, 22 February 2016

Months Of The Year Chart

It has been a very long time from my previous post. Using paper we can make so many things with little creativity. Kids will always love to do fun things with paper. Coming to paper crafts we can use many kinds of paper like news paper, colour paper, crepe paper and etc. Why kids like paper crafts means these are very easy and simple to make. Today I have made months of the year chart for school project.

Things required

Construction Paper
Colour Paper
Glue Stick
Funny Stickers
Glitter Glue

Firstly I took construction paper black in colour for the base. Then I cut colour paper and cut it into slits. I selected multi-colours and made slits. Wrote months names and applied glitter glue on the names. Put it dry for one full day because glitter glue will take more time to dry completely. Now paste all the slits on black colour construction paper. Stick some funny stickers on it to give nice look. Here is the chart ready.

Month Chart Paper Craft for Kids

If you make these kind of paper crafts for kids they will like it and learn the things faster than boring lessons. Kids always enjoy making fun activities to learn new things. I have made many crafts for kids like paper house making, traffic signal, greeting card making and scrap book making etc. These are all simple and easy items to learn and also kids will enjoy by making them. I hope you like these crafts and share your suggestions.

Monday, 14 December 2015

Pen Stand With Water Bottle

As we all know the major problems that comes with plastic items like plastic bags, bottles etc. There are many ways to reuse plastic bottles with simple ideas. So here is a very basic and simple crafts with plastic bottle that is pen stand making. By doing this you can have lot of fun. You need very less things to do this.

Pen Stand With Plastic Bottle
water bottle

scissor or sharp knife


glitter glue

First I took the bottle and cut it half with sharp knife. Make sure to cut it properly. Heat the edges with fire to smooth the edges. Then painted it with metallic colors and let it dry completely. Metallic colors will take more time to dry than fabric colors. Next I drew small flowers with glitter glue on the painted bottle to give nice look. That's it finished making pen stand. Share your opinion on this. 

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Paper House Making

Paper House Making
Today I am going to show you how to make paper house making for kids. This is also very easy and simple paper crafts for kids. Take square shaped white paper and fold it to make 16 small square shapes. Give numbering to both top and bottom border squares as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. Make sure to have all the squares should be in equal size.

Now using color pen or pencil mark the joining line 1 and 2 squares and do the same for the remaining squares too. So that you will get 6 lines including top and bottom lines. Cut those lines and glue them to make triangle shaped roof of the house on both top and bottom sides. First glue to 1st sqaure and 3rd square and stick them. Next glue to 2nd square and 4th square stick them too. Do the same process with the other squares too.

Once you finish making roof you will get shape of house without doors and windows. So now mark the doors and windows on front side of the house. Mark T shape for doors and I shape for windows and cut them carefully. Make the windows on back side too in the same way as we did in front side. Using sketch pens paint the house neatly as you like and some decorations to give it a realistic house look.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Paper Crafts for Kids

Kids will learn things by seeing and doing and they do remember the things which were learned through making. For that reason, all the schools were bringing changes in their teaching methods. From the initial stage of kids schooling, majority of the schools have come up with lots of crafts and fun activities like paper crafts, drawing etc. 

Today I am going to make paper craft for kids. By making traffic signal with paper, we can teach and make them to remember kids about the importance of it.

Traffic Signal Making
with paper 
Required things: 

Black Construction Paper
Color Papers

First we have to take the black construction paper and cut it into two rectangular shapes. One piece with length 30cm and width 15cm, the other piece with length 45cm and width 5cm. The first piece will be used as box of the lights and the other one as pole. 

Next take the color papers of red, yellow and green. Draw one circle on each color paper with equal size and cut them neatly. Now glue the three circles on first rectangular construction paper piece with order red, yellow and green. After that glue the other rectangular construction paper at the end of the first one. Finished making traffic signal with paper.