Thursday, 20 June 2013

Wall Hanging From Waste

Wall Hanging From Waste
If you have little patience and time you can create simple and beautiful decorations to your home. These are not so expensive and also gives your home a very new look. Generally we used to spend more money on decorative items. From now onwards we do not need to spend that much money for decoration items.
After using brooms for some days, we generally throw out them. But we can do a wonderful wall hanging with the broom stand tube.

Look at the image once. How do you feel by looking at that.

Here I will explain how it was made. First cut the half of the broom stick tube and do some little design on that. Next take one needle and heat it for few seconds, so that we can do holes easily. Do  a small hole to the tube till the needle comes to the other side of the tube. Do it two or three in the same way.

Then take the pencils or wasted pens which suits your tube and put into those holes. Next take needle with thread and do a very small hole and hang the thread to it. Now we can hang to the wall and put a bunch of flowers in that. Now your wall hanging ready to use.