Sunday, 23 June 2013

Mini Basket With Waste Water Bottle

Mini Basket Making
Many people used to throw out the plastic water bottles after using once because we should not use them again. But we can re-use them as decorative item at homes. This is a mini-basket made with empty water bottle.

First take the empty water bottle and remove the label. Next cut the bottom of the bottle as bigger or smaller size as much as you want. Now cut it again into slits. Take any two colors of woolen thread whatever color you want. Select one color should be dark and the other one should be light color. Then you will have the basket a good look.

You need to round the slits from the bottom to top. While rounding you should remember one slit in and one slit out. After finishing 3-4 rounds, you have to change the color and go on continuing with the same process. After finishing the whole basket then you have to tie the threads. At the top of the slits take a small piece of lace and stick on that. If you want you can also can stick some Kundans or color stones. 

Now your cute mini-basket ready for use. You can give it to play your kids like a toy or you can place some small flowers in that then it looks beautiful.