Sunday, 1 November 2015

Door Mat Making

I have made this beautiful doormat by hand. For this I used old cotton saree, wire to stitch knots, scissor to cut the saree into pieces, needle to stitch. It should be better to choose bigger size needle to stitch. As a practice I used old saree, but if you want you can use new cloth too for better look. You can also select your preferred colours cloth or directly you can use 3 long stripes of same width and length with different colours. 

First I took the old saree and made it into three equal slits with same length and width. Make sure your slits width not more than 5 inch each. If it is more width better to fold it and stitch long. Next take your three strips add the one side edge of the three strips by putting knots on them. From the attached end and overlap them one on other until it comes to edge. At the end also stitch it with needle to attach the three strips into one.

Now you have one single rope like thing to make door mat . Stitch knots by making this rope in circle shape and do it till the edge comes. Now here is the picture after finishing the whole process.