Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Decorated Diya And Stand

Hope all of you are busy with diwali preparations and shopping. For this special occasional I thought of doing decorated diya and stand instead of using regular one. So things I used are:

Decorated Diya And Stand
Waste water bottle
Glitter glue
Flower design beads

Coming to the process, first I took the waste water bottle and had cut it upto the 1/3 of the bottle including lid with scissor. Then make 6 or 8 equal size slits and neatly turn those slits into petals of flower. Then you will get beautiful and simple flower out of waste water bottle. Colour it and let it dry completely. 

Next take the cardboard or thick paper plate to make base of the stand. Draw some floral design and cut it neatly. Make sure that edges should be smooth. Colour this one also with some colours which you like and let it dry too for some time. Upon this draw borders with glitter glue to highlight the shape and to make it shine. Stick the water bottle flower on the cardboard base with glue or gum. Put the lid part down on the base. So that the diya stand gets done.

Take the regular diya of any size or whatever size your diya stand suits. Paint it with colour and stick flower design beads or kundans on the edge of the diya. Let it dry completely the paint and stick the kundans correctly. Now simple, beautiful and colour diya is ready to use.