Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Basic Scrap Book Making for Kids

Scrap book making is very interesting and fun thing for kids. They always wanted to do it. I have made scrap book on animals for kids as a school project. So here is a procedure how to make simple and basic scrap book
for kids.

Things we need:

Colour Paper
Glitter Glue

Coming to the procedure initially I took the three color papers and cut them into square shape. The remaining paper I used for making paper flower to decorate it. Take the photos of three animals which you like and cut them according to your requirement.  Now paste them on color paper.

The remaining color paper strips were drawn circle shape in different sizes and cut them.  Fold the circle into half as semicircle then fold again into half repeat once more.  Now you will get cone shape. On the curve side cut small trial shape piece and open it. Then it will be look like a star. So do the same process with other circles too. You can also directly draw and cut the flower petal shape if you are familiar with drawings. 

For kids the above method of making paper flowers will be easy to do. Make as many flowers as you want. Three sizes flowers will be pasted one on other with glue. Make sure to paste them according to the sizes in decreasing order. In the middle glue and paste any button or stone for shining.

Stick this paper flower on one corner and write some information or caption about the picture. Edges of the photo were outlined with glitter glue and let it dry completely. Finally stick stars here and there for better look. I have made three pages for my scrap book with three different animal photos and stapled those three pages as one.