Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Paper Crafts for Kids

Kids will learn things by seeing and doing and they do remember the things which were learned through making. For that reason, all the schools were bringing changes in their teaching methods. From the initial stage of kids schooling, majority of the schools have come up with lots of crafts and fun activities like paper crafts, drawing etc. 

Today I am going to make paper craft for kids. By making traffic signal with paper, we can teach and make them to remember kids about the importance of it.

Traffic Signal Making
with paper 
Required things: 

Black Construction Paper
Color Papers

First we have to take the black construction paper and cut it into two rectangular shapes. One piece with length 30cm and width 15cm, the other piece with length 45cm and width 5cm. The first piece will be used as box of the lights and the other one as pole. 

Next take the color papers of red, yellow and green. Draw one circle on each color paper with equal size and cut them neatly. Now glue the three circles on first rectangular construction paper piece with order red, yellow and green. After that glue the other rectangular construction paper at the end of the first one. Finished making traffic signal with paper.