Monday, 14 December 2015

Pen Stand With Water Bottle

As we all know the major problems that comes with plastic items like plastic bags, bottles etc. There are many ways to reuse plastic bottles with simple ideas. So here is a very basic and simple crafts with plastic bottle that is pen stand making. By doing this you can have lot of fun. You need very less things to do this.

Pen Stand With Plastic Bottle
water bottle

scissor or sharp knife


glitter glue

First I took the bottle and cut it half with sharp knife. Make sure to cut it properly. Heat the edges with fire to smooth the edges. Then painted it with metallic colors and let it dry completely. Metallic colors will take more time to dry than fabric colors. Next I drew small flowers with glitter glue on the painted bottle to give nice look. That's it finished making pen stand. Share your opinion on this.