Monday, 22 February 2016

Months Of The Year Chart

It has been a very long time from my previous post. Using paper we can make so many things with little creativity. Kids will always love to do fun things with paper. Coming to paper crafts we can use many kinds of paper like news paper, colour paper, crepe paper and etc. Why kids like paper crafts means these are very easy and simple to make. Today I have made months of the year chart for school project.

Things required

Construction Paper
Colour Paper
Glue Stick
Funny Stickers
Glitter Glue

Firstly I took construction paper black in colour for the base. Then I cut colour paper and cut it into slits. I selected multi-colours and made slits. Wrote months names and applied glitter glue on the names. Put it dry for one full day because glitter glue will take more time to dry completely. Now paste all the slits on black colour construction paper. Stick some funny stickers on it to give nice look. Here is the chart ready.

Month Chart Paper Craft for Kids

If you make these kind of paper crafts for kids they will like it and learn the things faster than boring lessons. Kids always enjoy making fun activities to learn new things. I have made many crafts for kids like paper house making, traffic signal, greeting card making and scrap book making etc. These are all simple and easy items to learn and also kids will enjoy by making them. I hope you like these crafts and share your suggestions.