Thursday, 31 March 2016

Coconut Shell Crafts

In India majority of the people know the benefits of coconut and its water. Mainly in Kerala, they use coconut very much in their daily food recipes. We can make many crafts items with coconut shell with little patience and time. Today I am going to show you how to make coconut shell into a beautiful show piece or coconut shell craft item.

Coconut Shell Crafts
Things Required:
Coconut Shell
Metallic Acrylic Paints
Color Paper
Kundans or Chumkees
Glitter Glue

Take half the coconut shell and clean it with sand paper or rub it on the rough surface to make it smoother. Make sure to have round shape shell and glue the water can lid for base of the shell. Then paint it with metallic acrylic paints to give beautiful and shining look. Let it dry for one full day.
Coconut Shell Crafts

Next take the color paper and cut it into equal pieces. Using each slit make a nice roll and shape it like a flower. Now glue these flowers one by one to the base of the coconut shell. When you paint the shell do it on both in and out sides. On the border decorate it with kundans or chumkees and draw some designs on top of the shell with glitter glue.

Now place some sand or rice in the coconut shell craft and fix flowers in it. Here is a beautiful coconut shell craft ready. I hope you like it. Share your suggestions and comments